an essay to self discovery

Well this is something that i’d like to finish really soon. Something that is very objective and as much as i can truthful. Maybe it can shed light for me to realise and analyse myself. (Oh I love the song playing on the background : Misty blue by Dorothy Moore) then here goes the next songs. i have an impeccable taste of music…

(Hold on, Hold on, Don’t be scared, you’ll never change whats been and gone….cause all of the stars are fading away, just try not to worry you’ll see them someday, take what you need and be on your way and stop crying your heart out… ) in short stop sulking around. RIGHT!





burn you out to the ground

stress you like no other

eats your time endlessly

to what extent shall it will gain

your whole life since graduation

for what, for who, until when



Pays you A DIME

maybe enough maybe not

measure your worth in the nick of time

chasing cars, chasing dreams

is it right?

look back,look now, look forward

where are you really headin’


on a friday evening

Well, basically in the middle east specifically UAE, weekends starts on a Friday and ends on a Saturday as the first working day here is Sunday thru Thursday so basically the Sunday currently is Saturday here in this part of the world.

Hmmmm, so what am I suppose to write now except that the whole of last week basically run out very very  unproductive. No gains, No pains, No Nothing. So this coming week I am hoping for a bit productive one and I think it would be. Hopefully.

Currently Reading

If i’d be honest I am not reading anything now, just some random blogs from whatever i saw on facebook and here in wordpress but no book or novel in particular.


I’m kinda feeling dedicated in writing  blogs recently, in fact i think i may have publish a few blog just within this month. BRAVO. I am hoping though to really be able to write something worthy of  some others peoples time reading and not just wasting it. (know what I mean?)


Oh this one I think I can very easily answer. I’m kinda getting addicted to Callum Scott Dancing on my own. Lovely song isn’t it, and very heartwarming rendition also.

I’m giving it my all but i’m not the guy your taking home, I keep dancing on my own….



Well there are a lot of things coming back and forth of my head now. Nothing so coherent though. I’m just going back and forth to nothingness. Thanks to some queries in facebook for some ways to sort some one else’s problem. At least my brain got to be exercise in answering some questions. Although, it is very repetitive  sometime but better than nothing actually.



the detergent i just use to wash my clothes, not a very interesting smell actually.



Well for a better week ahead. At least something fruitful.


The normal oversized shirt and a boxer shorts


The BTS of kalye serye and some old episodes that I really love and the some amazing auditions in whatever talent search



Oh i badly needed some distraction. some sort of a big bang in the current situation. A major turn around  of things actually. I don’t mind having no sleep again just to reverse this situation.


Bored to death. Oh no not really I’m feeling normal. not relaxed, not stressed but somewhat guilty. I feel guilty that I have all the time in the world just to stare in my laptop and do nothing but browse youtube and facebook.  I  I don’t know I have been through a lot  that I might be wasting  time just sitting around but time and again i have been through a lot and i know things will sort out eventually. I know it.


This is my 4th At the Moment maybe. and i think nothing as hange much from my last ATM. I think i’ll make some comparison later.


I’m loving the background music playing  Blue Bayou…

i’ll never be blue my dreams come true on blue bayou…

well see ya all guys. enjoy the rest of the day for after today is another  week.



Currently listening to…

Let me share the list of Music I am currently listening to…

  1. Torri Kelly – I was Made for Loving you
  2. Hunter Hayes- Wanted
  3. Blake Sheldon- Mine Would Be You
  4. Script- The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  5. Script- Breakeven
  6. Ed Sheeran- Lego House
  7. Ed Sheeran- Thinking Out Loud
  8. Jason Mranz- I won’t Give up on Us
  9. Chirstina Perri- A thousand Years
  10. Aretha Franklin- Natural Woman
  11. Counting Crows- Big Yellow Taxi
  12. Callum Scott- Dancing on my own
  13. Cold Play- Yellow
  14. Dixie Chicks- Landslide
  15. Linda Rodstandt- Blue Bayou
  16. Luther Vandross- A house is not a Home
  17. Maine Mendoza- Imagine you and Me
  18. Dorothy Moore- Misty Blue
  19. Oasis- Stop Crying your Heart Out
  20. Rascall Flatts- Bless the Broken Road
  21. Alden Richards- Wish I May
  22. Bon Iver- I Can’t Make you Love Me

Happy listening guys.

Favourite Movies of all time

Hi, i can’t sleep so i decided to list down and share here my favourite movies of all time. I’m sure from time to time I will add something else.

Here it goes…

  1. Serendipity
  2. Two weeks Notice
  3. Speed
  4. The Notebook
  5.  Love and Other Drugs
  6. No Strings Attached
  7. Princess Diaries
  8. Princess Diaries 2
  9. The Devil Wears Prada
  10. Sweet November
  11. If Only
  12. Made of Honor
  13. My Sisters Keeper
  14. A Walk to Remember
  15. Fast and the Furious series
  16. Notting Hill
  17. Naked Weapon
  18. So Close
  19. The Last Airbender
  20. The Blind Side
  21. Autumn in New York
  22. Forrest Gump
  23. The Terminal
  24. Catch me if you can
  25. Cast Away
  26. Saving Private Ryan
  27. Sound of Music
  28. Moulin Rouge
  29. East Side Story
  30. Lion King

The List will never end…There’s a lot more. but I will update this list whenever I remember some others not included.

Enjoy Watching.



How to open business in AJMAN FREEZONE,UAE


  1. How do I apply for my License?


  1. Documents Required to open the new license:
    • Original Passport
    • Colored clear copy of the passport and visa page or latest entry stamp and visa
    • Personal appearance of the partner or business owner
    • 11 Cheques for companies who will take advantage of the installments plan.
    • Bank Statement of the cheques to be used (3 months)
    • Freezone license is 100% foreign ownership so no agent fees and local sponsor required.
    • NOC for partners with residence visa from the current sponsor


  1. What types of License can I apply and cost of each License

One Payment               12Payments

  • One Activity Trading License           – Dhs. 21950              – Dhs. 2076     24,910
  • Two Activity Trading License         – Dhs. 23250                – Dhs. 2184    26,210
  • Three Activity Trading or
  • Professional License–                            24550                  – Dhs. 2293    27,510
  • General Trading License                   – Dhs.27150                 – Dhs. 2509    30,110


All Licenses can be paid on installments basis of 1st payment in cash of Dhs. 7000 including our company services fees and remaining amount on 11 post dated cheques.

  1. How do I pay the fees?
  2. First Payment shall in Cash in the amount of Dhs. 7000. This includes the first payment on the licesnse fees and the PRO services and consultancy fees.
  3. The remaining amount to be paid by cheques in 11 equal installments in the name of the freezone.




  1. What documents will I receive after my company has been set up?

You will receive the original License, Chamber of Commerce, Lease Agreement, key for your smart office, office include a table and a chair. (Electricity, signage’s, building maintenance fees are all included on monthly installments)


  1. How long is the setup process would take?

Upon application the License will be out within 3-5 hours of business application. You can take your License with you and start your own business.


  1. How do I open my bank accounts?

Once you receive your original documents you may directly coordinate with the bank of your choice you open your company bank accounts.


  1. How do I apply for the visa?

As soon as the license is available the procedure for the immigration card is readily done and along with the application for the immigration card is the owner/ investor visa application. This may take 10 to 15 working days. The visa is valid for 3 years.


  1. What can I do to increase my visa availability?

There are 2 visas allowed on the installment plan. However, incase the business will need additional visa in the future. A higher or bigger office space is required to qualify for additional visa.


  1. When is my license up for renewal?

The License is up for renewal every year.


  1. How much is the renewal cost?

The renewal cost is between Dhs.6000 to Dhs. 8000 apart from the office rental.


  1. Should you opt to cancel the license issued, you need to go direct to the Ajman freezone office and submit the cancellation forms. Visa issued should be cancelled first and bank accounts.

Should you have any further queries you may contact me on the following contact numbers.






















Attachment A

Breakdown of Fees:

License Initial Payment

License:                                                   2500

Typing:                                                    200

Immigration card:                                  500

Business Plan                                          300

Consultancy Fee:                                     3500


Total :                                                      7000


*11 Monthly installments of 2,100 to 2,300 depending on activity


Visa Fees

           Visa Application Typing:                                     100

Visa cost:                                                             635

Refundable deposit: (investor)                           2000

Visa Collection Authorization:                            100

Status Change:                                                    600

Status Change Typing:                                        100

Medical+ typing (1day result):                           470

Emirates Id + typing:                                          370

Medical insurance:                                             850

Visa stamping (urgent):                                      1385

Stamping Typing:                                                100


Total:                                                                   6710


  • Visa cost quoted is for Investor Visa
  • Investor Visa is 3 years validity
  • For employment Visa all amounts are same only the refundable deposit is 2000 + one month salary.




Attachment B     


Types of License and Activities


  1. One Activity Trading- single product trading. i.e. ready to wear clothing (RTW)
  2. Two- Activity Trading – 2 products trading. i.e. mobile and accessories trading
  3. Three Activity Trading – 3 product trading. i.e. laptop and mobile trading with accessories.
  4. E-Commerce – any online buy and selling platform.
  5. Service License or Consultancy License


5.1   Management Consultancy

5.1.1  Business Set-up

5.1.2  Assist in Client Management operations

5.1.3  Business Buy-out/ Merger/ Winding/ Dissolution


5.1.5    Full Management Consultancy


5.2   Marketing Consultancy

5.2.1  Market research, analysis, survey

5.2.2  Advertising

5.2.3  Tri-Media Marketing (TV, Radio, Newspaper)

5.2.4   Leaflets, banner, flyers, posters, signages

5.2.5   Web design, management, hosting

5.2.6    Design and lay-outs

5.2.7    Online and social media marketing

5.2.8    Events Management


5.3   Sports Consultancy

5.3.1  Sports training

5.3.2   Sports clinics

5.3.3   Sports lecture

5.3.4   Sports Athletic Tournament


5.4   IT Consultancy

5.4.1   Network design, management, monitoring

5.4.2   Hardware and software development and maintenance

5.4.3   Database installation and management


Deal with it

Deal with it

Last year I ahh, I decided to open my own company in one of the freezone areas here in UAE, Ajman freezone in particular. I opened  a Management Consultancy called Multi-Million Consulsultants FZE. I am the sole owner of the company. I was able to ahh operate some business deals which all eventually turn out to be so useless and pointless. The only advantage that I would really think of is that I am legally able to stay in this country because that company has given me visa. So, apart from that I couldn’t think of anything else beneficial. Well at some point in time it did help me survive. But if I’d be honest it got me sinking much deeper actually.

So now, I am in a very deep shit that I need to get out of the soonest the better. But see, the thing is just as I am writing this, at this very moment, I am having about few coins at my disposal. I have 5 cheque cases that I have to finish, and I am out of work. Work runs out that fast actually. I blew up my reputation as someone who cares less with my own clients. I ahhh, basically blew off everything.

Sothe golden question is how do I get out of this mess? How do I deal with it? How do I start and where should I start. At least I have my visa that well generally would ahhhh save me from being deported.

Hmmmm, Come to think of it just couple of months ago, as per records I did earn a couple of thousands. So that being said I know and I have seen the potential of this kind of work and business. What went wrong is something that I really need to figure out or I eventually figure that out already.

Well needless to say, I think I know what went wrong. I am better doing things alone. Because everytime I work with someone I always tend to think of what those people around me will need. So in the end I tend to think of their first before I think of what I and the business needs.  Having thought of that, I think it would be best to start all over again alone. And this time make it really serious about it.

How will I deal with it? The same way I dealt with much more pressing times of my life. HEADON.